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INTELblast S.L. offers a wide range of specialised cleaning services to the marine and superyacht industries throughout Spain, the south of France and most ports in the Western Mediterranean.


INTELblast S.L. provides the highest quality cleaning services to yachts and superyachts throughout many Western Mediterranean ports and marinas. We have over 15 years’ experience using specialist cleaning services such as: cryogenic blasting, dust free sponge jet blasting, abrasive media blasting, black and grey tank sanitation and surface preparation and ductwork cleaning.


We can manage any project from the initial blasting right through to the final coating application. A truly a one stop shop and 360º service for tank cleaning and coating removal, specialising in the dust free system Sponge Jet, ideal for confined spaces such as grey and black water tanks, shot blasting, aluminium silicate to walnut shell blasting for delicate blasting and more.


Yacht cleaning services


• Fuel and tank cleaning

• Coating removal

• Engine room and bilge cleaning / painting

• Removal of grey and black water tank coating

• Application of grey and black water tank coating


Cryogenic blasting services


Cryogenic blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets (known as dry ice), the system is non-abrasive and creates no secondary waste as the ice pellets sublime back into a gas state.


For more information on the unique benefits of dry ice cleaning, please feel free to contact the INTELblast team of highly trained technicians or take a look at the brochure below.


• Aluminium / fibreglass hulls – antifouling removal (0% secondary waste generated)

• Water intake valves (100% non-abrasive)

• Electrical panels (100% safe on electrical boxes and components)

• Fire restoration (0% secondary waste generated)

• Dry stack exhaust system cleaning (0% secondary waste generated)

• Engine cleaning and paint removal (0% secondary waste generated, 100% non-abrasive, no risk to moving parts)

• Water tanks and bilge sanitation (0% secondary waste generated)

• Engine room check plates (0% secondary waste generated)

• Carpets and upholstery (0% secondary waste generated)


HVAC systems cleaning


INTELblast’s team of expert HVAC inspectors and cleaning technicians have at their disposal the knowledge and tools to inspect and clean all sizes of ductwork and when needed, can perform the actual / inspection and cleaning service at sea. Duct cleaning includes:


• Air handling units

• Conduits

• Filters

• Humidifiers

• Heat recovery units

• Fan-coil units

• Terminal devices


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